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Rebate timeframe reduced to 21 days from 30?


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Well I have two rebates that I am now a day late in sending and I'm almost sick to my stomach. I sent in multiple Corsair rebates early this year and they all were 30 days after purchase and I had no trouble.


For these two rebates I hesitated at first because I had a bad stick of memory and my PSU makes horrible noises when gaming. I've RMA'd the memory but debated on RMAing the PSU since it costs so much to ship. I've chosen not to RMA the PSU, but I was also unsure if I was to send in the UPC of the memory I RMA'd or to send in the UPC of the replacement. I was eventually told to use the original memory's UPC.


So there I was yesterday gathering my papers, making copies, etc., and I realize my requests have to be postmarked within 21 days after date of purchase, which was 12/1. That means yesterday was my last day and now I'm eating $65.


Is there any leniency for this? I'm prepared to send everything out today, but it'll be postmarked a day late. I could really use getting the $65 back.


$30 - HX620 PSU

$35 - 2x2GB PC6400C4DHX

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I am sorry but Rebates are not done by us I would contact the rebate company that was listed on the resellers site and see what they say. If they cannot help you, then you can call our customer service after January 4th and see if there is anything they can do. 510-657-8747 Ext "3".
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