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Voyage GT16GB vs Voyage 32GB


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Hey guys. At the moment I am considering between two Memory sticks by Corsair:


1) Voyage GT 16GB (Red)


2) Voyage 32GB (Blue)


There are some things I would like to know from you guys:


1) Is VoyageGT16 faster than Voyage32? What are their Read/Write speeds?


2) Is the Voyage32 capable of "Vista Ready Boost"? (not sure about the name, that is when Vista uses memory stick for Extra RAM)


3) If VoyageGT16 is really much faster, will VoyageGT 32GB be released any time soon? And if so, about how much will it cost compared to Normal 32GB?


Thank u :biggrin:

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  • Corsair Employees
The GT Line of Flash Voyagers have been discontinued and yes the 16 GBGT FV is faster than the 32 Gig FV. And if you use either drive for Ready Boost if they are detected they will not be available for any other use, so I would not suggest it. And we only offered support for that feature with out "GT" line of flash drives.
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