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Bad CM3X2G1800C8D modules? Help please


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Hi everyone,


Firstly some details about the dimms:



XMS3-1800 2048MB 1800Mhz

8-8-8-24 1.80v ver 4.1 08481671


I have 4gb in total ie. 2x2gb (details above are the same for both dimms)


My system:


ASUS P5E3 Premium Wifi@n x48

Q9650 @ 4Ghz watercooled

Gigabyte 1200w Odin Pro


I also have:


2x4870x2's CrossFireX, OCZ 128 Gb SSD and some other bits let me know if I need to give those too ;):


What I have done so far:


1) Checked timings in bios and voltages as per instructions in forum (I can't remember the link but it was posted by the RAMGUY)


2) Placed both dimms in black slots A2 and B2.


- My Q9650 is stable as I have run Prime95 blend for 8.5hrs with my other Corsair DHX 1333Mhz 2x2gb dimms. I have also run it at 4.1Ghz Small FFT stable for over 8hrs. These Q9650s overclock really well :D:


Now back to the RAM issue:


- System would boot fine at ~ 1800Mhz with 8-8-8-24 timings. I did also disable DRAM Static Write Control etc as per instructions by RAMGUY.

- But when I run Prime95 Blend I receive fatal errors. Mainly from the first two cores

- When I memtest one module at a time no errors. But when I memtest both together I get memtest errors. I have tried moving the dimms to the orange slots but still get memtest errors.

-To eliminate a mobo/slot isue I tried my other Corsair DHX 1333 Mhz dimms (2x2gb) in both the orange and black slots - NO ERRORS at all.

- I also tried to relax the timings on the 1800Mhz dominators but still did not work. Also tried to reduce their speed but they were still unhappy :(:


- I honestly believe that there is something wrong with these dimms. I just can't see how else I can make them work. I have fiddled with DRAM CTL skews but they still dont work (it seems like the dominators like low advance CTL ps settings)


I would really appreciate everyones feedback. I am 99.9% sure their is something funky with these dimms.


Thanks everyone



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