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Memory Vs Motherboard issue


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I bought and built a new system a month ago that has not worked stable when playing 3d games, would crash almost immeditaely however movies appeared to be fine. at first i sent the graphics card back but it turned out to be fine and then the cpu back.....it was found to be faulty....yet its brand new replacement, absolutely no change.


After a week of experimenting it seemed when i placed one stick of ram in just one slot everything was stable but using both, in dual channel it wished to fail or if one stick was in one particular slot so naturally i assume a faulty ram slot and sent it for RMA.


I have the motherboard back at the vendor and they are having a very hard time finding any problem with it at all, they are trying the exact same type of ram in it as we speak so am hoping to get a clearer picture. I'm pretty much left with my corsair ram though for my board is it really the right choice? with so many different types even though i thought i did my homework did i pick an incompatible type? The memory configurator says the TWIN3X4096-1600C7DHX is compatible....but is it truly the same as mine?


I have the Corsair TWIN3X4096-1600C7DHXIN 4GB (2x XMS3 2GB) PC-1600 for my Asus P5E3 Premium Wi/Fi board. Is this ram still suitable?? In my bios settings i had never made any changes other than activating XMP. when talking to the vendor by phone yesterday he suggested maybe i should have inputted the ram values manually? is this where i have gone wrong and not left it all on auto.


Is getting to be a real expensive exercise trying to get this system to work 100% and im running out of parts to send back to respective dealers. am hoping there is a simpler explanation and or a fix to my problem as it is something i have never come across before.


Hoping someone in the know is able to help me out, thanks in advance:):

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Download Memtest86+ V2.10 from--->

Download CPU-z from-->

Enter your BIOS, load setup defaults, save setup defaults and set to these values.



AI Tweaker

Ai Overclock Tuner: Manual
CPU Ratio Setting: 9
FSB Strap to North Bridge: 266
FSB Frequency: 400
PCIE Frequency: 100
DRAM Frequency: DDR3-1600Mhz
DRAM Command Rate: 2N

Dram Skew Control All kept on Auto

DRAM Timing Control: Manual

CAS# Latency: 7
RAS# to CAS# Latency: 7
RAS# to PRE Time: 7
RAS# ACT Time: 20
RAS# to RAS# Delay: Auto
REF Cycle Time: 72
WRITE Recovery Time: Auto
READ to PRE Time: Auto

DRAM Static Read Control: Enabled
DRAM Dynamic Write Control: Disabled
Ai Clock Twister: Strong
Ai Transaction Booster: Auto

Pull-in Of channel A Phase 1: Disabled
Pull-in Of channel A Phase 2: Disabled
Pull-in Of channel B Phase 1: Disabled
Pull-in Of channel B Phase 2: Disabled

Voltage Settings
CPU Voltage: Auto
CPU GTL Voltage Reference (0/2): Auto
CPU GTL Voltage Reference (1/3): Auto
CPU PLL Voltage: 1.5v
FSB Termination Voltage: Auto
DRAM Voltage: 1.8v
NB Voltage: 1.40v
NB GTL Voltage Reference: Auto
SB Voltage: Auto
Clock Over-Charging Voltage: Auto

Load-Line Calibration: Auto
CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled
PCIE Spread Spectrum: Disabled

Advanced > CPU Configuration
CPU Ratio Setting: 9.0
C1E Support: Enabled
CPU TM Function: Enabled
Vanderpool Technology: Disabled
Execute Disable Bit: Disabled
Max CPUID Value Limit: Disabled


Boot to the memtest CD and test for two full passes. Then, if stable, enter


Windows and post your CPU-z CPU/Memory and SPD tabs in screenshots.

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have used the memtest program for like 3 days doing 6 hour tests and nothing was coming up as being screwy.


however i used prime95 and Intelburn Test v1.8. the burn test didnt have to wait nearly as long for a real result and it pointed to a ram or cpu instability.


with the current cpu and just either one stick of my ram in slot B2 i achieved a stable system, could play games-benchmarks and other 3d apps no worries but when in A2 (with either ram stick) or having both A2 and B2 populated the system was unstable. I'm still waiting for a result from my RMA claim as they are still playing with it and trying to recreate as close to the same system as i have, well at this stage seeing how the ram fairs with the board as they had been using 1333mhz ram as opposed to the 1600 which i have.


yeah so till i get it back my hands are tied as far as tinking with it myself are concerned. but im hoping the dealer is going to play with the bios settings if it isnt working for him

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ok, i finally received word from my vendor who tested the same ram type in the motherboard and lucky me the ram i have selected is clearly incompatible with this board. He did have some success scaling back the RAM to 1333mhz mode with XMP switched off but that defeats the purpose of buying the ram.


rather miffed as i believed or was led to beleive that it was compatible. So people out there even daring to think of sticking this ram into this board should rethink and read the motherboard manual on the correct ram type EXACTELY.


also pissed that the current motherboard bios revision doesnt support anything higher than 1GB ram per slot....maybe a future update will but that fails to assist me at the present time as im forced to go and buy 4 x 1gb corsair ram sticks which wont give me much choice in upgrading in the future.


so just to recap, it really pays to read your motherboard ram compatability chart and DO NOT trust the CORSAIR website's chart lest ye be making costly mistakes, cheers corsair.




ps: anybody looking for 4GB of 1600mhz Corsair ram?? cha-ching

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