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ASUS P5Q Deluxe Settings for TWIN2X4096-9136C5DF?


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Hi, just a little back story. I have a recently built PC and I've been experiencing random blue screens. I narrowed it down to my OCZ memory even though all memory testing came back fine. I ended up removing 1 2GB module and my system has been stable for about a week now.


The memory was originally in A1/B1 and it still blue screened in A2/B2 so I'm pretty confident it's just bad memory or a compatibility problem.


I now have in-hand a pair of Corsair Dominators which are on the qualified list for my motherboard (I should have bought them originally). Before I install them, I'm wondering what I should set in my BIOS. I was unable to find an answer by searching.


Should I just leave everything on auto and just change the DRAM voltage to 2.1v or should I manually adjust timings? I do not intend to overclock at this time.



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