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FlashVoyager GT 2GB stopped working


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Hi there!


I'm currently on my 2nd FlashVoyagerGT 2GB, which is a replacement for the faulty one that died on me a only a couple of months after I bought it.


It looks like the replacement has now gone the same way as the first one:

- Device is no longer recognised as "Corsair" in any of the PCs that I previously used it on, just "USB Memory Bar", or some such

- When trying to access it through Windows Explorer, I get either "Disk is not formatted" message, or "Please insert dick into drive" message

- In Windows XP Disk Management snap-in, the volume on the device comes up as "Unreadable"

- I tried a couple of partition tools (TestDisk - http://www.cgsecurity.org/) to see if it was just a repairable partition problem, but they reported various errors accessing the device


Like its predecessor, this device has been subjected to no extreme environments other than my jacket pocket, and other supposedly less durable devices have existed quite happily alongside it without any problems.


The reason I opted to by a Corsair Voyager product was because of the advertised durability of the product. So I am a little disappointed that a second device has now apparently failed.


I should also point out that I have a 1GB Voyager (not the GT model) that has been absolutely fine.


I am aware that Corsair stopped shipping GT models under 16GB shortly after I bought my 2GB model, and that this was primarily for reasons of cost of manufacture. However given the issues I have had I find myself asking if there are any other known issues with the 2GB GT line?


Can you shed any light on this before I request an RMA for my faulty GT? If there is an issue with this model, I'd rather not see it replaced with another one that will also go wrong in a few months.


Many thanks in advance,



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Thanks for the prompt reply.


I realise this may not be a question for you as it may be more of a customer service query, but can you tell me what it will be replaced with?


I am keen to avoid a 'like for like' (assuming you still have some...) replacement as I have now had 2 VoyagerGT 2GB sticks that have gone wrong. Also, as I am based in the UK, if I return this 2nd one to you, I will have spent more that the price of the original product on returen postage fees, which I feel is a little harsh.


Many thanks,



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