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16Gb Survivor performance


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I have now returned two 16Gb Survivor's to my supplier, both were painfully slow. With the first one, Vista 64 estimated 12 hours to copy a 4.3GB iTunes library. Reformatting and testing with HDBench as suggested on this forum gave a random write speed of 300ish. The second drive copied the iTunes library at (according to Vista) 4MB/sec, but a subsequent copy of 16MB of image files ran at (according to Vista again) 75KB/sec and took 20 minutes. I retested the second drive on another machine running XP, which reported 2MB/sec for the iTunes library. For comparison, on the Vista machine a 4Gb Patriot Exporter copies at about 10-12GB/sec (Vista's estimate) and a 4Gb Survivor runs almost as fast.


On returning the second Survivor, my supplier has tested it and says it is OK, running at 7Mb/sec on his machine. (He has agreed to exchange it for a GT, so this is not a complaint!).


My question is why should a bunch of other drives, including a lower capacity version of "the same" drive run so much faster than the Survivor on my two machines when (apparently) the Survivor is OK on the suppliers test machine? Please note that whilst the 4MB/sec figure is not too bad (?), the subsequent copy at 75KB/sec is unusable.....


Any ideas?

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It's difficult to say without knowing all of the other processes running on your machine, and specifically on the USB channels. Did you try the drive on multiple USB ports or are you using a USB hub that is 2.0 compliant?


Thank you very much to your supplier for the replacement drive also, we are sorry you had this issue.

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Just for interest, the Vista machine has a USB 2.0 compatible hub. I tried this machine using the hub as well as directly on the motherboard. The machine has a scanner, printer, keyboard, mouse on USB, but the scanner and printer are switched off.


The XP machine has a satellite modem on USB.


My point of interest is that the other flash drives all work perfectly well on both machines. It's just the 16Gb Survivor that shows a problem.....


Thanks anyway!

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