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Twin X bad memory and bad luck!


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First let me just say how happy I was to find these forums. I have been reading posts this afternoon that are similar to my problem so atleast I know I'm in good company.


I have two pairs (kits) of Corsair TWINX2048-3200C2PT and I have determined that one module from each pair is bad. Go figure.


Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool is what I used to test the memory. I could not get the memtest+ image to burn to a disk so I burned the Windows Memory Diagnostic image instead and it worked ok.


One of the modules that was bad completed the two part test that WMDT runs and then a bubble popped up on my desktop after restart that said there was a problem with my memory, but the computer did reboot or I would have never seen this message.


When I tested the other faulty module I received a message on a black screen (not blue) that simply said "The header checksum does not match the computed checksum" and the system would go no further. It was just stuck there and I tried this repeatedly.


The bad luck part of this is that one module from each of my kits appears to be bad so I am now running only 2GB of unpaired RAM in my mobo's color coded slots, one in a blue slot, the other in a black respectively.


Any help will be appreciated. Do I qualify for a warranty replacement and if so how do I initiate one? Any suggestions on what else to do before pursuing this?


Thanks in advance.

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  • Corsair Employees

We do not utilize the Windows based memory tool so it's difficult to make decisions based on results from it. Can you try running Memtest from a flash drive or floppy drive?


Also, when you do memory testing on ASUS MOBOs, you need to disable Legacy USB Support during the test.


Please clear your BIOS, reset to defaults, manually set the memory timings and voltage to the rated specifications, and test each module individually for 3=5 passes each.

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