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Asus A8N-E with 2xCMX1024-3200C2Pt won´t work


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Hello i have a problem with my pc. He runs 2 jears ago without any problems, then one of my ram-modules get defect. I send it back to Corsair and get an new pair back. So I took the new pair in, and try to stard the pc and nothing happen. The fans begin to work but the pc don’t boot, no beeb or anything els. I turns him off and stardet again with only one ram-moduel, and the he works without any problems. Then I try´d a lot of things and thes are my findings.



My findings are:

-when I try to strart with both modules, in 90% of it is the Bios resettet at the next time.

-it don´t works with both modules in cahnnel A or in channel B.

-when I took the moduls in channel 1A and 1B (no dualchannel), the pc boot but hang´s off after 2mins.

-each of the Moduls runs perfekt on evrey slot at singel using, so non of them are defect

-I tried a lot of ram settings and set the ram-voltage up to 2.7 but no one runs with booth moduls

-I installed the newest drivers for the board chipset and all other things


I tried to get help by Asus, but the only comment was “ask your trader where you buy the board” top answer for an good suport.


Have anyone of you an idea whers the problem are? I don’t find anything about this at the internet.


Thanks allot



My system is:

Prozessor: Amd Athlon 64 X2 4200+

Motherboard: Asus A8N-E

Ram: 2x 1Gb Corsair CMX-1024-3200C2PT (bought as a pair of Twinks)

Graphic: Gainward 7900Gtx

Power suply: Noisblocker 450W

Operating system: Win Xp 32 Sp3

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  • Corsair Employees

What you are listing sounds like a possible CPU memory controller issue or perhaps a power related issue.


Can you test the memory or the CPU in another known working board?


Can you link the specifications for your power supply?

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