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HX1000W and best distribution of power for 2-way SLI


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I have been running a Core i7 920, EVGA X58, and one EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked. I have used the "hardwired" cables for everything (except the optical drive and hard drive, of course). I was just doing this for basic testing of my new build. I actually bought two GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked and am about to connect the second. Should it go on the same rail as the X58/CPU (12v1), the same rail as the primary video card (12v2), or does it not matter?




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RickC... not trying to hijack the thread, but my question(s) sort of fall along the same line. If I'm in your weeds, let me know and I'll post seperate. Thank you.


Ram Guy:

RickC's post was timely, in that I'm attempting my first PC build. I've spent a few months researching topics, reading fourms, etc... and am about to take the plunge and piece my system together. With that, and before I fry a couple K's worth of hardware, I would like to throw a question or two your way. So here goes.

-I plan on using an ANTEC 1200, which comes with three front side fans and two backside fans (operating v's each: 10.2-13.8 / .13A-.24A). It also comes with a top fan (10.8-13.2 / .11-.4A). From what I've read, or at least what I think I've read, I assume the case fans are plugged directly into the PSU, either the blue connectors (V2), or the black connectors (V1)? If that’s the case, does it matter which rail you connect the fans to, or is it best to divide the fans between the two rails?

-Also, each fan 4 pin connector has a male and female connector on each one. Is this so you can piggyback multiple 4 pin power connectors, only taking up one slot on the V1 or V2?


That’s it for now, and thanks in advance for the assist. In addition to this being my first build, I’m sure you can tell I haven’t spent much time under the hood of PC :biggrin: My knowledge at this point is pretty rudimentary. Thanks again, and now I’m off to read about this BIOS thing.


Best regards,


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The video cards are really the only things that you should have to worry about balancing across both 12v rails. Fans, HDDs, and optical drives can be plugged into any available port. The fan connectors are designed to allow you to piggy back them together, but I would not recommend piggybacking any other components than fans or other low wattage components.
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