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HX-620 power supply issues


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I have purchased the HX-620 power supply

from an online vendor (Newegg.com) and had

the unit arrive DOA. I RMA'd the unit for

replacement and again received a DOA unit.

These units arrived with no noticeable physical

damage, and were not mishandled by myself

or operated improperly.

I previously used a Corsair HX-520 supply which

functioned perfectly.

Is there some sort of possible issue with this

particular item stock with this particular vendor?

I could of course try to RMA this unit yet again,

spending more for shipping, but I suspect I will

likely again get a defective unit.

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How are you determining that your unit is DOA?


Also, have you tried the BRIEF FUNCTIONALITY TEST linked in the sticky posts above?


1. When installed into system as per instructions, the system does

not boot up, in fact the motherboard does not get any power at all,

nor do other components (fans, hard drives, optical drives).

My old HX-520 will power up my system with no problems and I am

using it at this time, but with the components I installed I would like

to have a supply that would deliver a bit more power.

Installing the HX-620(s) as per instructions and turning the system

power on results in nothing happening. Totally dead.


2. I have tried the brief functionality test mentioned, and I also

checked the output with a voltmeter. No output.

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