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HX620W powers up again after shut down.


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Recently I purchased the HX620W to replace my old PSU.

Installation went super smooth and the PSU performs great.


When though I shut down my comp through Windows (XP) the system powered up again after 2 secs. I tried shutting it down holding the button which it did but 2 secs after it powered up again like before.

Now in order to keep it off soon as I shut down my computer I have to switch off the PSU too. The odd thing is that when I turn on the PSU the system doesn't start up automatically but needs to press the button as you would normally do.


I set my motherboard to default settings just in case but nothing changed. I also removed all the cables that come from the button on to the motherboard and yet the system turns on.


Can someone shed some light to this mystery?


My mobo is an ASUS P5WD2-E PREMIUM



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Try clearing your BIOS and make sure you have the latest BIOS installed.


If this does now help, try removing the 2 leads from your case power switch and manually starting the system. You simply need to short the 2 pins that the case power switch connects to for just second and it will start.

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Cleaned the BIOS installed the latest BIOS. No change :(

I also removed the wires and still the comp will power up on its own.


There was though some progress. I switched off the comp, then I switched off the PSU and then switched on again. The comp for some reason powered up straight away and then powered it down through the case button. Now every time i press the button to switch it off it powers down as it should normally do!


The only thing left now is that the problem persists whenever I try to switch off the computer through Windows.


Could all this be related to the fact that soon as I got the PSU I plugged it to the socket just to check if it "spins"? nothing happened actually and thought that the PSU was faulty but when i connected everything to the motherboard it worked fine but with the problems mentioned before.

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I have seen some very strange behavior from MOBOs with a dead CMOS battery. You may try changing this.


Problem does not sound symptomatic of a PSU issue. I would suspect the MOBO.


You couldn't be more right!

After your message I checked online for any guides on changing CMOS batteries. I knew that it was easy but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something and on one of the online guides it mentioned that one of the messages you could be receiving due to a battery failure is "BAD CHECKSUM". I instantly remembered that I once got that message right after I flashed the BIOS.


Battery has been changed and no more crazy power issues :headbang:

Can't thank you enough - I would have never figured it out on my own.


P.S. Haven't had to change a CMOS battery since my 12Mhz Amstrad PC. :laughing:

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