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Corsair Voyager GT 16GB (HDbench Write 7823)


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today I bought Corsair Voyager GT 16GB, but it seems to me a little bit slow according to this:


The 16GB GT products are based on Samsung’s fastest MLC chips, and use the fastest controller we could get (currently from SMI). The speeds are 30-31 MB/s reads, and 16-17 MB/s writes.


Cause my result is 8MB/s using Total Commander and writing 1000MB file.


Than I found this reccomendation:


1. Do a full format with FAT32 on a Windows XP machine.

2. Make sure you select the correct drive letter in the lower right hand corner of HDBench.

3. Make sure 100MB file size is selected

4. Click the "Computer Tower" icon on the bottom left of the screen to begin the benchmark.


I did that (except XP machine, I have Vista Ultimate SP1) and result is:




Of course I connected drive directly to notebook (DELL XPS M-1530), not to my USB hub, and all other USB devices I disconnected.


In USB port cannot be problem, cause when I connect 3,5" HDD over SATA to USB adapter, speed is around 25MB/s.


Based on this, may I ask my seller for replacement?


Thank you in advance for response.

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In fact, Im afraid they will have replacement :) (cause they still have some on stock, based on information on their e-shop).


And Im afraid because Im not only one who complaining on 8MB/s write speed at discussion about product at that e-shop,... Im afraid this is not wrong piece, but wrong series... and replaced one will again be also slow...


...anyway, thank you.

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Yep, Im aware of that,... my previous flash disk was Corsair Voyager 4GB, the blue one... but I lost it :[pouts:


This time, I wanted same model cause its great durability, but little faster... so I bought red one (GT) and I ended with same speed :bigeyes:


Im really wondering from where they have these flash disks, if you say that they are no more in production :):


Info from e-shop page:

"Part number: CMFUSB2.0-16GBGT"

"Delivery date: 2 days (to our warehouse)"

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