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Memtest errors on TWIN2X2048-8500C5D


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I got verification errors while running a disk imaging program (ShadowProtect). Ran diagnostics on the Western Digital disks - they passed tests.


Ran Memtest 3.40 standalone, which locked up within a minute. Reran and continued to freeze, however at different places, but always indicating memory errors.


I then booted to Memtest 1.65. It has been running for about an hour. There are many errors, however the most prevalent is at 000dfeedf18 in the "Moving inversions, 32 bit pattern" test. The display shows a total of 4096 errors.


I have a total of 4 memory sticks.

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It is common to get memory errors when testing with 4 modules, if you have not tuned the BIOS correctly. Can you please test the modules 1 at a time, using http://www.memtest.org


Clear your BIOS to reset MOBO defaults, set the RAM timings and voltage manually, and test each module for 3-5 passes each to verify that you do not have a weak or failing module.

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