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Problem with HX620W - opinions welcome


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Hi all. I'd appreciate some advice on a problem I've had this week with my computer, which I suspect may be down to my Corsair HX620W PSU.


Symptoms are:


- Freezes & reboots, often during level loading of games like Left 4 Dead and GTA4.


- USB mouse and keyboards losing power at random intervals.


- BSODs during Windows startup and other seemingly random points.


- During BIOS booting up, before getting to Windows, when it gets to detecting the SATA drives the system freezes. It doesn't seem to crash, it just can't detect them correctly. (main drive, second drive and DVD drive). Re-arranging the SATA ports seems to temporarily resolve it, but only for a short while until after the next BSOD.


At first I thought it was a HDD issue, but I'm thinking it may be a PSU problem, particularly due to the keyboard/mouse issue.


Any thoughts? Thanks!

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I would suspect the issue lies somewhere else. Normally a failing PSU will give you very consistent results. If the PSU is going out of spec, then the unit will simply power itself off. The PSU does not directly supply power to each individual component on the board. The board itself regulates the voltage from the PSU and sends power to the different components on your board. You may want to boot up into safe mode and see if you can duplicate the same issues. If you get the same problems in safe mode then at least you can be confident that this issue is either being caused by a hardware component, BIOS configuration or your Windows installation, and you should be able to rule out a 3rd party software/driver issue.
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Thanks for the info, Ram guy! Very impressed with Corsair support, I have to say.


I've now swapped to a Corsair 750W and the problems seem to persist, so I think I can rule out the PSu being the culprit, unless I'm being supremely unlucky. :P


I think my next move will be a fresh install of Vista onto a new HDD, then take it from there.


Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.


Edit: Further investigation appears to have pinpointed the problem to the GPU. Thanks again for the help!

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