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32gb survivor speed help/question.


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i stumbled upon this forum while looking for help with my newly purchased 32 gig survivor flash drive.


the problem is pretty simple.


it took 47 minutes to transfer a 1 gig file to it.:eek:


i downloaded the hdbench software that was stickied above and ran it after i reformated it using the "format e: /fs:fat32 /u" command.


the image attached shows the speeds.





any suggestions?


are these normal speeds?

if so i may return to reseller and get a different product because 47 minutes to transfer 1 gig is just completely unacceptable.:sigh!:


ty in advance,




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ty for the response.


im a long time Corsair customer and trust your products.


one question though.


when i rma the drive do i just send the drive? or do i have to go find the packaging? i believe i may of tossed it into the trash already :sigh!:

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