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Twin2x2048-6400c4dhx ???


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Asus P5K SE



Intel E5200 2.50 Ghz 800 FSB


Memory Corsair



Video Card # 1

Nvida G Force 8400GS


Hard Drive # 1

Maxtor 160gb


Optical Drive # 1

lite-on dvd burner



Antec three hundred


Power Supply

Ultra 600W


Sound Card

On Board



DCLCD 21" flat screen


Operating System

Vista 32b

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any other recomendations? do I run memtest again? for how long? Dave.


Your other settings look fine. 1N is just not workable in an Intel system and you are clocking it up which actually means you have a very good system to even get a boot at 1N. Most systems will not even boot at 1N.


You can run it as long as you like. I run it twice. Once for proof and the second one to be certain there is not an anomaly. After that, if intermittent errors were to show up, it's more likely a system issue and not a DRAM issue.


But you can run it overnight if you like.

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