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Power supply sparking!


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Hey guys!


Hopefully I can get advice on these forums, as I've never really seen this problem before. I purchased a new power supply (Corsair 650TX) to install in my existing computer to allow me to upgrade to a new, more power hungry video card. I plugged the new power supply into everything, flipped the switch at the back (I saw some USB stuff get powered, power seemed to flow to the motherboard), but as soon as I pressed the power button, there was a loud bang with some sparks shooting off at the back.


I've seen this happen before when there's a short or a power supply dies, but off a new power supply? I double checked all my connections, then disconnected everything *but* the motherboard. Pressed the power button and same thing happened again, sparks and a bang. Tried it a third time after double checking the motherboard for shorts, but again, it was working with my old power supply... Same thing happened.


I was afraid it might've damaged a part, so I plugged back in my old power supply, and the system starts up again fine like nothing ever happened. So my conclusion is a defective power supply... I filled in an RMA with Corsair, but in the meantime could I try anything else? Could this be my fault somehow (I don't want to waste someone else's time/money with an RMA if there's something I can do!).


Anyways, thanks for any advice :biggrin:

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