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HX620-UK Cold Start Problem?

Big Elf

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I've been having this problem over the last few weeks since the weather turned colder here in the UK.


When the PC has been switched off for a few hours or overnight and the ambient temperature is under around 17ºC then my PC won't boot cleanly the first or sometimes subsequent times. Sometimes it boots to Windows and then freezes requiring a reset, sometimes it goes to the windows loading screen then reboots/freezes, sometimes it freezes on a blank screen shortly after the POST.


If I boot and enter the BIOS and leave it for 20 minutes or so then it will boot correctly.


I've been swapping components around for the the last few days and done a re-install of XP trying to finally pin the problem down and found that if I use another PSU it doesn't happen. If I put the Corsair PSU in one of my other systems with a similar specification the same problem occurs (I wish I'd thought of trying that first ).


Puzzled and would be grateful for suggestions.

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