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Corsair ram compatibility


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I was visiting the corsair home page and was thinking of buying some ram to replace the current ram which is not working for me at the moment. :)


My problem is this. I cant find my motherboard on the lists for any of the ram series.


I am wanting corsair memory that will be compatible with my ASRock A780GXE/128MB mobo. I wanted to go with the dual channel kit of 4 gigs.

Any help would be great! :)




Thanks in advance.

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Im replacing it mainly because my 30 day refund time is up. The ram is either bad or incompatible with my mobo. Im not saying anything bad on the ram. Its just not working in this machine for whatever reason.


Upon first boot it worked in dual channel. I had to manualy set the timing in bios due to it showing as 800 speeds in auto settings. Then this last saturday when I started the system it woudlnt post or anything. I tried reseting the bios 3 times before I pulled one stick and then it would post and boot into windows.


By swaping the ram it still booted. I now have both sticks in again but in a single channel configuration on the mobo. I can not run in dual channel with these sticks. So I want to get some Corsair and let er' rip. I fear getting more of the same ram would be asking for trouble. I dont know. But ram is cheap right now so its not such a hit in my wallet.


As far as having to OC the cpu, I would rather find some ram that just fits in and boots without having to tamper with anything. When you mention to get the full speed of the memory what exactly would it run without the OC? As long as its 1066 speeds then I dont understand what you mean totally.

Thanks for the replys guys. I hope to get this resolved soon and be up to speed. And maybe learn a few things along the way. All your help is appreciated.

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With the 9850 and 9950 CPU's I would suggest setting the memory frequency at DDR800 and set the memory Voltage and timings manually to Cas 5-5-5-15 at 2.1 Volts and set Command Rate to 2T an then over clock the CPU and lower the CPU Multiplier to get the full speed of the memory.
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