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Which PSU to buy ?


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I am going to buy PC with this specification:

Core i7-920

Asus P6T Deluxe

6GB (kit 3x 2GB) 1333MHz

Gigabyte GTX260



PC will be oced with fan (no water colling)

As new graphics card will be available I intend to buy new one(s) to be able to play latest games. I dont intent to use MultiGPU solution.


I was adviced by several people to buy HX620. PSU Finder recomend me to purchaise TX650W.

Honestly I am confused I expected that 800W PSU will be necessary I know 650W is undoubtedly good but I really don't want to buy new PSU next year.


Thank you for your advice and sorry for my English !

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700w to 800w will be the start for multi gpu configuration,I think that a 650w will be more than enought for your current configuration and in the future especialy if you'r not planning on building a crossfire or sli system.

PS:buy the modular supply if you want cable managment

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