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My memory went bad


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I have a system that stopped booting after about 3 years. It has a BIOSTAR P4M800-M7 MB with VS512MB400 ram in it.


I ended up pulling the ram out and replacing it with different ram. System booted up. Swapped ram back out...wouldn't boot. Put new ram back in system booted up fine.


I have also tried this ram on a bench testing board I have (ASRock 775VM800) with the same results. I tried it yet again on a system that has a PC chips board in it that I worked on for a friend tonight (not sure on model number) that also has a stick of identical ram running in it. System will not boot with this stick of ram. Be it just that stick or with the other stick that works.


I cannot run Memtest on it due to the no booting issue. In all 3 cases the system just sits and wont post.


Is this something that will be covered under warranty? If so what do I need to do?

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