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HX520W having hard time to start up


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Hi I've recently bought a new PSU which is HX520W and installed it into the casing, powering up the motherboard (Gigabyte GA-P35-S3L), GeForce 9400GT Graphics Card, 2 HDDs, 1 DVD ROM Drive using the cables provided.


Unfortunately, I was not able to power up the system by pressing the power button. So I thought maybe I didn't connect the cables properly, but as I replugged all the cables related to the PSU. That didn't help anything.


So I was having trouble powering up the system until eventually I found out that I need to turn on my USB operated audio interface (the device can be turned on just by connecting to USB port so I think the PSU shouldn't be faulty), press the power button and shaking the whole chassis (weird). The pressing of power button and shaking usually has to be done a number of times before the system can really sustain the power. Sometimes even when it reaches the Windows start up screen, the system can still suddenly shut off, leaving me having to repeat the same process.


The previous PSU that I've used was a unbranded 420W one and it could turn on the system by simply pressing the power button once without fail.


I am not so knowledgeable about PSU and the power or watt stuff, but I came upon the website describing how too little current for the 12V rail can render the system being unable to power up since I required the audio interface from the USB to be turned on or else it will be very very difficult to turn on my com. The webpage that describes this condition is listed here: http://www.playtool.com/pages/psuunderload/mincurrent.html


Any idea if this is really the reason why my com is having a hard time to start up?

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