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Flash Voyager 8 GB not readable.


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I purchased a Flash Voyager 8 GB about 2 months ago. Everything was fine and dandy, though it refused to perform at a high enough rate for Windows Ready Boost.


That did not bother me as I had another drive that I use occasionally for that sort of thing.


Like I said, everything was fine, and then when I went to plug it in to present a PowerPoint for a class it did not want to work.


I plugged it into my computer today and I got "Removable Drive". That is a bit odd as it usually shows up as CORSAIR.


I checked properties and I got "0 bytes used, 0 bytes available".


I tried the drive in several computers around the house to no avail.


To my knowledge it has always been ejected properly.


Any way to fix it?


Thanks for any help.

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