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I am interested in buying a Corsair HX1000w powersupply. I own a antec 1200 case and the powersupply mounts on the bottom of the case.


(1) Is the HX1000w power supply designed to work in the bottom of the case?

I noticed a fan on the top of the power supply and a vent on the back of it. Is the power supply fan designed to draw air from inside the case and directed out the case through the vent or vise versa?


(2) What is the max amperage the power supply will draw from 110v ac outlet? My outlets are rated at 110v 15a.


(3) Are the cables long enough to connect all the components inside an antec 1200 case?



I am really looking at purchasing a Corsair powersupply becouse of all the good reviews on reliability and customer service.



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1: You can mount the PSU with the fan pointed up or down and it will not negatively affect the operation. The fan draws air in and it exhausts out the back of the PSU grill.


2. This PSU should draw an absolute maximum of approximately 10a at 100% load.


3. We have not yet seen a case, including full towers, that the cables will not accomodate.

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I have the antec 1200 case and the the HX1000 is fine with it. The cables are just long enough to go direct through bottom case cable management hole to the top one but if you want a bit more cable to play with you can get 24 pin power cable extensions for not much cost.


i have my PSU facing down and it stays really cool thanks to not having to injest warm AIR like it would at the top of a case. For me having the fan facing up at the bottom of a case could be dangerous cos if a screw or something conductive was to fall inside the PSU and short it out you can expect a expensive flash n loud bang that you can't RMA.





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