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Corsair 8Gb problem


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I have 4 sticks each 2048Mb now


if i put two of em they go up to 1120Mhz without any errors!


If i put all 4 i cannot boot... not even POST!!!


No matter if i raise NB to 1.40v or lower to 800Mhz 5-5-5-15 no boot at all.


Any idea?

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Are all your modules the same version? Please look to see if they are. I will give you values that should work. Set two sticks in slot 1 and 3, enter BIOS, load setup defaults, save setup defaults and set to these values.


AI Overclock Tweaker

[b]Configure System Performance Settings

Ai Overclock Tuner = Manual
CPU Ratio Setting = 8
FSB Frequency = 333
PCI-E Frequency = 100
FSB Strap to Northbridge = 333

DRAM Timing Control = Manual

DRAM Frequency = DDR2-800
DRAM Command Rate = 2N
DRAM Timing Control = Manual
CAS# Latency =  6
RAS# to CAS# Delay = 5
RAS# PRE Time = 5
RAS# ACT Time = 15
Row Refresh Cycle Time (tRFC) = 60
All Else to Auto

DRAM Static Read Control = Disabled
DRAM Read Training = Disabled
Mem. OC Charger = Auto
AI Transaction Booster = Disabled
Relax Level = 8

CPU Voltage = Auto
CPU PLL Voltage = Auto
FSB Termination Voltage = Auto
DRAM Voltage = 2.1v
NB Voltage = 1.40
SB Voltage = Auto
PCI-E SATA Voltage = Auto

Loadline Calibration = Auto
CPU Spread Spectrum = Disabled
PCIE Spread Spectrum = Disabled
Clock Over-Charging Voltage = Auto
CPU GTL Volage Reference = Auto
NB GTL Voltage Reference = Auto

Legacy USB = Disabled


This board has not seen great successes with an 8GB population. The DRAM is fine and keep in mind that DRAM is passive, it can not effect a four or eight GB population. If the sticks pass in single testing, then they are proof of the DRAM's working. If they pass in two slot 1 & 3/2 & 4, then that is proof of the motherboard memory controller's stability in Dual Channel Mode. If they do not work in 2 X Dual Channel Mode, then that is an issue of the motherboard memory controller and must, as such, be dealt with at the motherboard level.


Google P5Q 8GB Problems and you will see what I mean.


So, if this does not work, and that board does NOT inspire me with great confidence regarding a four DRAM slot configuration of 8GB, you will need to contact ASUS to deal with this issue. If these settings do not work, then contact ASUS, let them know you have tested both indentical sets of modules both singly and in Dual Channel mode with success, but failure on an 8GB population.

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2Gb 2&4 or 1&3 work great no matter where i use or wich stick i use! Up to 1120Mhz without any problem


if i use 3 = 6Gb it work i cannot go up to 1120Mhz but it work.... i didn't test too much but i think it can be stable at 1100Mhz (only a few error at 1120)


If i put 4 even if i use your settings it won't even enter POST.... no boot at all.


All sticks are ver1.1

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I don't think you stand a very good chance to get 8GB working on that board. Contact ASUS and see what they have to say. But as I said, Google the terms I previously gave and you will see thousands of pages of people with that board not gaining 8GB.
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I see on google.... too bad.... asus sell that board up to 16Gb and with half it din't work!?


I think that if asus don't find a solution they have to refound me!


Am i wrong?


You can try. I would certainly contact them and move to RMA. You might be able to get a refund from your purchase outlet or an exchange to a different board that will accept 8GB more easily.


I'm having issues with my $500Can Rampage Extreme and >1333Mhz speeds in an 8GB configuration, but at least it works in 1333Mhz.

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