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xms2 dhx for P5N-E SLI


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hi all,

i want to buy T2X20486400C5D DHX DDR2 800

this memory is compatible with my mobo asus P5N-E SLI(nforce 650i)


this memory is kit(2x1gb).

if i want to raise capasite to 4gb in future; when i bought this kit again, do my memories work in dual channel with mobo?


que2: i cant find review in web, how is this kit overclock potantial and timings of o.c.?


que3: xms2(cl5 kit) 56$, xms2 dhx(cl5 kit) 45$ in my country; so what is the different from xms2 of xms2 dhx? :roll:

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Since the advent of DDR3, there is no real R&D going on and all the major overclocking work is being done on DDR3.


DDR2 does not present much headroom for overclocking of 2GB density strips. Possibly 900Mhz or so, but not guaranteed. These modules use PSC IC's and they do not respond any better to voltages higher than 2.2v.


These modules are warranted up to and including 2.1v and overvoltage characteristics are a reason for denying RMA.


If you move to a 4 DRAM slot population, it is advised to drop the DRAM bandwidth and raise the voltage to the memory controller. Reviews for overclocking DRAM are now only in the DDR3 range.


Try finding reviews for overclocking DDR Ram. DDR2 is now considered low end.

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