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System NOT recognizing full RAM after Upgrade! Please Help.


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I am new to updating RAM and I need anyone's help. I have a Gateway GT5228: WIN XP Home Edition 32-Bit. My PC originally came with 2 X 1024 MB 533 MHz PC4200 DDR2 SDRAM. I bought an Additional 2 from Corsair (Product # VS1GB533D2) to make it a total of 4 X 1024 MB 533 MHz PC4200 DDR2 SDRAM. After I installed the new RAM I loaded windows normally and went into "My Computer -> Properties" and noticed It only recognizes 3.12 GB of RAM. I looked into the forums and Ran the Memory Test and it passed. I also read something about Modules for Motherboards. My Motherboard is FIC K2BC51 Motherboard with NVIDIA GeForce 6100 Chipset , it is not listed on the website. If anyone can help me figure this out I would really appreciate it.
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You need a 64bit operating system to be able to see the full 4GB of RAM. http://www.houseofhelp.com/v3/showthread.php?t=63681


Let me clarify.


Your computer has many methods in which to use memory. There are memory storage and caches all over the motherboard. These devices contain some of the below method of storage:




* Cache

* Dynamic RAM

* Static RAM

* Flash memory

* Virtual memory

* Video memory




For example, your sound, video, keyboard, chipset caches, I/O controller (IDE, SATA, etc) caches . . . Now these device with discrete and cache RAM need to have their "Addresses" so that the computer knows where they are in order to query and access them.


You computer also has System Resource Memory. Consider this as an index of addresses that tell the computer where everything is for access as mentioned above. The computer needs to know that a certain boundary of addresses will contain certain functions to perform when commanded.


Memory-mapped devices (such as your onboard video) will use some of that physical address space, as will the BIOS ROMs. After all the non-memory devices have had their say, there will be less than 4GB of address space available for RAM below the 4GB physical address boundary. Now a 32bit Operating system such as Windows XP 32bit and VISTA 32bit have the ability to access 2^32 bits = 4GB.


Some people lose even more memory to their systems when they have more memory mapped devices or memory mapped devices that use more memory.




You need to migrate to a 64bit OS if you want to see all of that DRAM. But even so, you are still better off than using a 2GB system.

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DerekT is not fully right.


There exists 32 bit operating systems that can access more then 4GB memory and several methods how to do this. However in Vista 32 it is not easily possible.


You can use Vista 64-bit but ensure you will have drivers for all devices you wish to use.


I have both Vista 32 and Vista 64.


You can buy Vista 64 but is this worth of it? OEM license is cheap (100$ or so for Home Premium) but only because of 0.8 gigs?

Ideally if you have Vista Ultimate retail, there are both media 32-bit and 64-bit and you can try which version you want and then choose (or theoretically you can install both versions, however license does not allow that, I suppose).


PS: for me 64-bit is more necesarry, vista can use only 2.8 gigs for applications in my case :-(

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