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Thx Ram Dude


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:D: So far I'm happy.


My four 1G 1600.'s have been replaced with 2 2G's by my supplier and I have managed to bring my striker II extreme + 9450 upto 3.2Ghz without to many problems ( at least that far ).

I did strike one odd one while bench marking with 3D Mark 06 which was that it would run all the video tests up to the giant fish creature jumping over the airship ok but then come up with and error saying directx failed to find the video card. This was fixed by upping the CPU volts and CPU PLL volts.


I am presently working my way down the CPU volts to get them as low as possible, when it fails ill go up to the next volt setting and stability test.


Thanks Ram dude. :)

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Now im more than happy, if you guys want any info about my settings, ask away.


My memory is now running at 1600 apparently 1T is better than 2 the commands per clock for the description is a little misleading.

My CPU a Q9450 is currently at 3.6 Ghz exactly and im just starting to push the voltage down from 1.29v which is as high as I would take it.


My system 3DMark 06 advanced version comes out at 19514 which is pretty pleasing and prime 95 25.5 seems to run quite hapily with no problems as well as the memtest program you guys use passing no probs either.


1 Tiny odd thing - I have been able to turn on spectrum spread for everything accept CPU my system topped out under stress tests of 100% CPU usage at 63 degrees C.


If you want any more infor ask away. :D:

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Hey ram guy just in case you strike this question because this had me flummoxed for quite a while.


3DMark2006 was failing on me with error messages like DirectX assert failed hardware lost and couldn't find this file or that file and in some cases display changed.


I thought it might be my overclock of ram or cpu and / or both so if you strike this one its neither, if you can run prime 95 25.5 or above and not have any problems with threads stopping because of rounding errors then that side of things is good to go and I thought about it might be to little power as well, ive got a toughpower 750 and according to what I worked out with an extreme power calculator even taking into account capacitor aging I'm only drawing 608w out of a 750w supply so that wasn't it and under clocking everything back down again still resulted in errors with 3dmark06.


My conclusion - buggy software either direct x or 3dmark06.


Note - Sometimes it runs perfectly fine. others it doesn't.


So if you strike this issue I highly doubt its the ram :)


oops forgot to mention - my Striker II can run everything on auto with your ram but I down volted the memory to 1.86 so it comes out at 1.90 in the volt monitor.

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