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Asus P5B Deluxe - Will it support 8GB [2x XMS2 4GB (2x2GB)]


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I was previously using 4x 512MB (VS512MB667D2). I have been using my Asus P5B Deluxe with the 2GB successfully for over a year.


I recently upgraded to XMS2 (2x2GB). I am considering adding another of the exact same kit and making it 8GB (4x2GB)


I intend to switch to Vista Ultimate SP1 x64. I understand that from an OS perspective this will resolve the <4GB bottleneck.


I am also aware that the memory will need to be set to 667Mhz DDR2, because the motherboard will not support 8GB of 800Mhz DDR2.


With these 2 changes, OS upgrade and 667Mhz setting, will it work with 8GB? Do let me know; I will make my order on NewEgg based on your comments.



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Okay, so theoretically it should work. If i bought the exact same kit, installed a 64-bit OS, and set the DDR2 speed to 667Mhz, I should be able to use the 8GB?


Excellent, if thats the case i'll go ahead and place the order.


You will need to set memory mapping and raise the MCH (Northbridge) Voltage +.2v. That should do it. Keep in mind that the kit should be the same version.


For example:


Twin2X6400C5DHX version 1.xxx and Twin2X6400C5DHX version 1.xxx

Twin2X6400C5DHX version 2.xxx and Twin2X6400C5DHX version 2.xxx




Twin2X6400C5DHX version 1.xxx and Twin2X6400C5DHX version 3.xxx

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