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Asus P5Q3 compatibility issue


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Hy Ram guy,


i bought a Pair of Corsair XMS3 DHX DIMM Kit 4GB PC3-12600U CL9-9-9-24 (DDR3-1600) (TW3X4G1600C9DHX G)


together with a new P5Q3.


In this thread you write:


"The following part may top out at a speed short of 1600MHz on a P45-based motherboard".

What does it exactly mean? It works with 1600 as specified yes or no?


As i remember this RAM was recommended by Corsair, that's why i went out for this pair. -> But it's already deleted. ? :eek:


What you i do to get the optimal memory for my motherboard ? The seller says he won't take the memory back.


thanks for your advice.


Kind regards from Austria,


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That post is pretty clear. The memory is guaranteed to run @ 1600 Mhz, but there's an issue w/ that chipset that needs to be remedied via a BIOS update. This doesn't mean that the afforementioned combo WON'T hit 1600 Mhz, just that it may not w/o a BIOS update.
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