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Corsair Compatibilty w/Dell Dimension 8300


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Are the Corsair memory chips compatible with the Dell Dimension 8300/Pent 4w/HT-2.6 GHz 800FSB computers? If so, can you suggest a stick or matched pair? I currently have 2 DDR-SDRAM PC3200 Samsung 256 sticks(OEM from Dell) and would like to add two more 512's. I ran CPU-Z and PC Wizard 2004 software and the latency test are: CAS=3; RAS to CAS=3; RAS Precharge=3; Cycle Time=8 at 2.5V. I am a novice concerned with performance, stablity and reliablity of the sticks and not overclocking and messing with configs. of the computer. I plan to start using video editing and movie making software and I want to assure myself that I have enough memory. Any help would be appreciated.
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