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New Ram installed wrong size


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I installed two brand new PC6400 4096mb sticks into my brand new XFX mother board. The system polls the ram on start and reports that it has 3328mb of ram.... then pauses slightly then shows 3840mb of ram available to the system.


Ram is installed in slot 1 and 3 I think... I get green lights from both sticks.

I ran the linux memory test and it did not find a problem.


Do I have faulty ram?

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Settings: RAM 440 MHz (DDR880) / CAS : 5-5-5-18 / DDR-2 (128bits)


Just got off the phone with the mother board manufacture... They suggest I try the memory sticks individually .... So I did this and each stick is reporting

in bios 1792mb


What's the deal?


If the MB has on board Video it most likely is using that unseen memory for graphics.

That makes sense..... got to wonder why they did not tell me this.

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