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Bought ram, Now what?


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I was misinformed about ram compatability. I bought corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4DHX ram. I thought that the ram voltage was the "maximum voltage" as in what you would never want to overclock to or something... Turns out that this is more of a minimum. My Dell inspiron 531 with modified Asus motherboard will not allow the changing of ram voltages. I am stuck at 1.8 volt, whereas the ram I bought is 2.1 volt.
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I really hope that you're right. I was flipping out about this. I seriously considered like hiding in another country from embarrassment. :eek:


Everywhere i found on the net there were people with problems because they couldn't get voltage right.

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You will not be able to return it to Corsair, but you may be able to get Corsair to exchange it. They don't have to do it, but you might be able to get them to help. Corsair is pretty good with this kind of thing. Contact them:




When you get the DRAM you can give it a try. It might work, it might not work.

Download Memtest86+ V2.01 from--->

and extract the ISO image.

Download CPU-z from

Burn the ISO image to an CD-ROM disk. Shut the system down and remove the current DRAM. Install the new DRAM in its place. Do not re-insert the old DRAM. Run Memtest for two full passes. When assured of stable DRAM, then enter Windows and Run CPU-z and post screenshots of CPU-z's CPU, Memory and SPD tabs. If you don't get a boot, then you know it will not work.

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Sure thing. Let us know how it all turns out. :):


From a few reviews i have read about people buying similar ram, it looks like some people get it to work and others won't even boot. From some corsair responses i have seen that the SPD's should be at 5-5-5-18 and 1.8v, and people are complaining more like "help my ram is not 4-4-4-12!!! is slow!". Alot of people are saying "Make sure you set it to 2.1! my mobo defaulted to 1.8 and it did the Pi 1m test in 35 seconds, then i realized my ram was slow so i changed it!"


I contacted customer support, I want to see if they could do an exchange for similar ram or even any ram designed for 1.8v before I open it.


EBay is always plan B. I could easily sell it at about $20.

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ok, so I got the ram, installed it in what i thought was 2 and 4, which show up as 1 and 3 on the CPU-Z window. (the 2 sticks closest 2 hdd were filled, so i moved the second one over 1 slot so it was now in the blue sockets, and put the corsair into the other 2 slots)


I memtested it for 2 hours and it didn't produce any errors. Here are my SPD settings from cpu-z. The memory one says single channel? I got the same Pi 1m value of 34 seconds with this setup as I did before.



Is there anything wrong? From what I can see, nope :cool: Running nice @ 1.8v


i updated the topic, i haven't had any problems yet with the 1.8v. But i have only ran it for like 6 hours.






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Played gears of war at max settings for about 2 hours on this beast, and it was cool :)


My brother used it to play WoW for an hour and it was good,

So only time will tell if i get any problems.


Side note - i just got a 500w psu and hd4850 to replace my 8600gt. I am gonna miss the sweet turbo button i had on my gt :(, 25% gpu, ram, and pixel pipeline overclock! I think i did a reasonoble job with soupin it up. Was a $300 outlet dell. So it was "defective" and somebody returned it. How it was messed up i don't know, i had more problems with my compaq that i bought new. I have had 1 bsod since i bought it a year ago, and it was caused by playing WoW for like 18 hours straight. My graphics card overheated and shut down the pc. Shoulda pressed the turbo button :p:

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