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Does the HX620 support 24+8+4 MBs ?


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I am looking for a new power supply and was pretty much set (for an TX750) when I found infromation indicating that it could be used with either ATX 4-pin _or_ EPS 8-pin, but not both at the same time. Ouch, keep looking...


Now, some information I've found sugest that the HX620 have 1*8-pin + 1*4-pin (i.e. not 2*4-pin that can be combined to one 8-pin).


So my questions is,

1) am I correct in thinking the TX750 can not be used with this MB (Tyan dual opt.)

2) can the HX620 be used with it?


Any other suggestion would be appreciated (the HX1000 is unfortunately too expensive though), perhaps the TX could be used with some sort of adapter?


Yours sincerely,


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Your right, that page certainly indicates that they have the same 4+4 cable.


The strange/confusing thing is that some reviews suggest othervise, like this (in swedish, but there is a picture that shows 8pin + 4pin connector) from http://www.techsweden.org/index.php?view=3C2CAC&page=2.


So does a picture from this review



This may be a clue:


""" From the power supply comes three cables: the main motherboard cable with a 20/24-pin connector, an ATX12V cable and an EPS12V cable. A plastic sleeving protects all cables. """


and then on page 6:

""" On the model currently on the market, +12V distribution is the following:

+12V1: Modular cabling system, EPS12 V.

+12V2: Main motherboard connector, ATX12V.



The phrase " currently on the market " -- could this suggest that there have been different models using the same name/type? Or perhaps different models for different markets, US vs. EU ?


// Emil

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The HX520 and HX620 initially had 2 separate cables for the 4-pin and the 8-pin, however anything manufactured recently is going to have the 4/8-pin connector. Unfortunately the only PSU that we currently make that would allow you to use both a separate 4 and 8 pin connector would be our HX1000.
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