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VS1GB400C - testing for errors


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As a response to the severity of errors I was getting with my machine (WoW:132,134), I decided to test my memory. I had a 512MB module of another brand also installed, but since I stopped running with that in as it had massive amounts of memtest errors. I'm now running with just my Corsair module and I need to know the correct settings I should use in both BIOS and memtest86+ 2.1 to test all the memory.


I've set my timing manually to 3-3-3-8T as per my Memory Configurator search results, and while loaded in memtest, I chose configuration and set it to test all memory in Address Range, then chose option 1 (Standard) in the memory sizing option in order to restart the testing.


Is there perhaps something that I've missed or neglected, some step that would make my test more reliable?


Any and all help is very much appreciated.




Previous testing reported errors, but CAS latency was set to auto, and my 512 stick had different timings. Set it to 3-3-3-8T and ran test according to above settings. No errors! Wheeeeeeeeeee~!


Still though, if I missed anything, I'd very much appreciate any advice. Also nice to know I did NOT misplace my trust with this brand! :D

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