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TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF memtest errors

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Hey guys


Put my new system together today, everything seemed to be working ok, manually input the timings and voltage etc for the RAM, see system profile


updated the BIOS to the latest revision


when running memtest 86+ v2.10 with both sticks present multiple errors are received very quickly, test #2 produces the first error


removed one stick, tested, quickly failed again


swapped sticks, ran memtest 1 pass, no errors (will test further)


ordered this RAM from newegg, suppose ill have to return it to them, really disapointed as I waited so long to get my parts already, now I have to wait some more


so I wanted to ask you guys if there is anything else I can try/change to make verify if these sticks are bad for sure


these are my settings, could not find dram command rate in my BIOS and also my row refresh rate I have set to auto, not sure if that is suppose to be 55 but either one produces errors when the one stick is installed alone or with the other


CPU Ratio Setting = 9

FSB Frequency = 333

PCI-E Frequency = 100

FSB Strap to Northbridge = 333

DRAM Frequency = Manual


DRAM Timing Control = Manual

DRAM Frequency = DDR2-1066

DRAM Timing Control = Manual

CAS# Latency = 5

RAS# to CAS# Delay = 5

RAS# PRE Time = 5

RAS# ACT Time = 15

Row Refresh Cycle Time (tRFC) = Auto


DRAM Static Read Control = Enabled

DRAM Read Training = Auto

Mem. OC Charger = Auto

AI Transaction Booster = Auto


CPU Voltage = Auto

CPU PLL Voltage = Auto

FSB Termination Voltage = Auto

DRAM Voltage = 2.1v

NB Voltage = Auto

SB Voltage = Auto

PCI-E SATA Voltage = Auto


Loadline Calibration = Auto

CPU Spread Spectrum = Disabled

PCIE Spread Spectrum = Disabled




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I further tested the kit tonight, found one stick to produce multiple errors in memtest86+.


I tried many different BIOS settings with the one bad stick installed alone, default settings, your (Corsair) recommended settings (2.1v, 5-5-5-15, few others), tried DDR2-800 with 4-4-4-12 and 5-5-5-15 timing, all give errors.

Tried both DIMM A1 and B1, all give errors again.


Together errors are given also


With the other stick installed alone, no matter if it's installed in DIMM A1 or B1, no matter the settings, no errors are produced in memtest.


All tests were with legacy USB disabled.


Does this confirm a bad stick or kit (since it has to be returned as such)? I don't have any spare DDR2 RAM to use in this new system for now, so it's kind of a downer ill have to wait for RMA.


At the moment I have the one stick installed running at 5-5-5-15 with 2.0v, passed 15 passes of memtest (fell asleep lol), is there any danger or anything to worry about running this RAM at 2.0v opposed to 2.1v? (reason iv heard ASUS boards overvolt etc, also nice to run lower I would think, still running at 1066 in memtest with this voltage).

Had this stick at DDR2-800 4-4-4-12 and 1.8v also and it passed memtest. Seem like great sticks, just wish that one didn't cause memtest to fail!



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Thanks RAMGUY, im in the process of returning the kit to newegg so its all good


Few questions though, one issue currently with the one 'good' stick, whenever I went to play a game with the rated settings (1066, 5-5-5-15 and 2.1v) all 3Ds games would crash within 5mins, thought it was my new video card at first but when I set the RAM to 800 4-4-4-12 with 1.8v the games haven't crashed once and it passed memtest, do you think this other stick is partially defective or is there another issue, will know for sure when I get my other kit (which hopefully isn't bad also)


My other question, prob a n00b question but can running the RAM at 2.1v on my P5Q Deluxe cause any damage to my board or other components? I am not OCing at all anywhere else..

Also I have read these boards overvolt, is there any problems running the RAM at 2.0v in the BIOS if its stable, such as passes memtest?


It seems strange the RAM right now is stable at 1.8v at 4-4-4-12 DDR2-800, can running the RAM with voltage that low cause any issues either.


I don't really have any issues running it at 2-2.1v as long as it won't damage anything else


I like this Dominator RAM, when I had both installed in dual channel memtest showed over 5000MB/s until it gave errors, thinking about getting the TWIN2x4096-6400C4DHX since its come down in price again however im fairly certain im going to get another kit of the same Dominator RAM



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The modules are tested at 2.1 Volts but if your MB is Voltage sensitive that might suggest a power problem on the MB or with the PSU. I would wait till you get the new modules and then let's see what happens.
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