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Write Protect Switches


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Per the rules, not mentioning names, but almost all UFD makers have stopped putting write protect switches on their sticks, including Corsair. I was wondering why this was done.


I want to get a Voyager 64 GB or (preferably if/when it comes out) Survivor 64 GB so I can store multiple Linux distro install images, save important files I don't want to lose, and so on; for obvious reasons, once a known-clean image/file is on that drive I don't want to stick it in someone else's unknown-state computer if that machine can write to it and either infect executables and archives, or damage or destroy those important files (on accident or on purpose).


In other words, I want to use it like a high-cap and more portable BD/CD/DVD-R.


Has Corsair ever made a statement about this?


Thanks, Mike

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