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Trouble with a 16GB Flash Voyager


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Good day,


I just received my 16GB Flash Voyager from NewEgg and am having a spot of trouble. I'm running Windows XP on an Acer 5672WLMI laptop.When I plug it in, the stick is recognized as a "USBest USB2FlashStorage USB Device", but trying to access the drive letter that it is assigned gives me a "Please insert a disk into driver G:" error message.


I've tried two different USB ports with the same result. Other USB sticks plugged into the same ports work fine.


Any suggestions?

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Hi. I'm also have a problem with Flash Voyager 16Gb. This flash was working very good for couple months - and then suddenly after sticking it into my laptop (Acer 5100, XP) - there were a message window saying "the flash memory not formated - please format.....". I've use Windows formating tool - it wont format. Using HP USB Disk Format Storage Tool - I'm formated it (into FAT32) - but it wont help. Right know any PS (Laptop) could see my memory flash - with no problems, but if I try to wright something - its writing -but I cant delete it on any PS - and cant write on other PC - what should I do - I've bought tree flash (one for myself and two for present) - my doesn't want to work.

After several plug in - PC doesn't see flash drive - at all!!!!

Any idea?

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I have the same issue as Post ID# 377951. I bought 16GB Corsair Flash Voyager from newEgg and it worked for couple of days with "CORSAIR" reconition. Now, when I plug it in, it is recognized as a "USBest USB2FlashStorage USB Device". Accessing the drive letter says "Please insert a disk into driver F:" error message. I tried in my different computers and it is the same issue. Please let me know, how I can recover my flash drive.




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Thank you for your answer. It doesn't work. :[pouts: Drive is not recognized by this SW.

I have tried also:

1, format through windows XP - error message: There is no disk in drive E. Insert a disk, and than try again

2, format through MS DOS - error message: Cannot open volume for direct access

3, format trough other format tools - not recognized by them


The reason why I don't want to send flash drive back to your company is that I'm afraid it will be more expensive to send it from Slovakia than the new piece.

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Hi RAM Guy!

I also have trouble with the 16gb flash voyager

I am not sure what happened but before the winter break started, my USB stick worked great and during the winter break it worked too (but i only used it twice during this time)


however, after the winter break, my usb stick stopped working on any of the computers I insert the usb stick into... I get the message that the USB device has malfunctioned...


I read another thread where you suggested to replace the drivers to get it to work (copy 2 files from C:\Windows\System32\driverstore\filerepository) but the directory doesnt even exist for me (and obviously i cant get the files you mentioned).


I already setup an RMA number but I was hoping there was another solution? I would prefer not to send it in to replace it since the information on the stick is really important to me


Please let me know!

Thank you!


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I've tried it on four seperate systems (3 at work and 1 at home) and they all give me the same error message, that the usb device has malfunctioned.


When I look at the drivers, it states that no driver has been installed for this product but when I plug in a different USB key, all four computers recognize the new USB stick, so I know the problem is with the Corsair USB memory stick

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