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Dominator memory refuses to overclock


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I have the Corsair TWIN2X4096-8500C5D memory.


I recently tried overclocking my system, and set the FSB:DRAM ratio to 1:1 whilst I tried bumping up the FSB. I got my CPU nice and stable at 3.33GHz (370MHz FSB). However, as I started increasing the memory divider again, I found there was no option for 1066MHz. There was one for 1100MHz however. So I chose this one, as I thought it was a very minor overclock for the memory I have. It launched into windows, and I could benchmark no problem, however, it failed the stress testing abysmally (1 out of 10 tests passes in intel burn test, this was repeated over and over, each time with the same result).


The memory at about 1075MHz however was stable.


I haven't increased the memory voltage beyond 2.1V. I'm not using the cooling fan system for the dominator memory. I have however made sure all the system airflow is fine, and have physically felt the memory modules to check for overheating. I know this method is unreliable, but the modules were only very slightly warm to the touch.


Why is it these modules refuse to overclock by more than about 10MHz?

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The 2GB DDR modules do not overclock very well at all. R&D for DDR2 has completely stopped as has R&D for DDR and it is highly binned. I have made ~1100Mhz with DDR2 2GB modules at best and often less.


Overclocking of DRAM is now relegated to the DDR3 range. If you are looking to overclock DDR2, then purchase 1GB modules of the Micron D9 IC's. They are not being fabricated any more, haven't been for years, but those are the only ones that gave very high overclocks.


It looks as though you bought a set that overclock even less than average for those modules, but even the best ones are found to hit ~1120Mhz or so.


And when it comes down to it, 1066 --> 1120 is minimal in any real differential other than benchmark numbers.

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