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This is my first time posting on this forum. I actually came to this website for help troubleshooting and then found this forum.


I have a HX620 which has performed flawlessly for the past year. The computer was running at idle last night and just shutdown for no reason.

The LED was still on at the mobo but the computer would not start again. When I say would not start I mean nothing. No sounds no fan.......nothing.

I then unplugged it hoping to reset and now no LED light on the mobo at all and does not start or make any type of noise like it is even trying to start.


So I did the paperclip test with the green and black wire like recommended on this site and HardForum and the PSU does nothing. Does not make any type of sound. Is there anything else I can do?

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I just want to thank Corsair for the excellent customer service/tech support they provided replacing my HX620. I sent the old one and received the new one within a week. It works great....... was definitely the problem.

Very professional company and I will use Corsair power supplies in the future.

Thanks again!!!!!

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