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Help With Dominator OC

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Hi, I have quite a problem here.


I know my Dominators can do 1092 perfectly stable, but I need it to be at 1129 right now. With my new WC set up I am able to do 470+ FSB and want to keep it, but at 470 FSB I only have two options for RAM. Run at 940MHz, or the next step, 1129, which I can't seem to boot with (BSOD).


I've tried the following to get it to run at 1129:

up to 2.3V


65 tRFC

Lighter Ai Skew

BSODs every time.


Any clue what I can try to get it to run at 1129 aside from changing the FSB? 1092 was 7 hours memtest stable, it can't be that hard to reach 1129!


As far as RAM settings go, the rest of my BIOS for RAM is set on auto. 1092 was good at 5-5-5-15 2.1V, everything else auto


My NB as at 1.45V (tried 1.49, still no go), 2T RAM


It doesn't really matter how high they will actually go to be exact, because I want to keep 460-480 FSB at all costs, it's very nice. And my options with 460-480 are either very low RAM (940) or too high (1129). So it's either I manage to boot up at 1129+, or I go to 940.


As I said before I know they are rock stable at 1092, so close to 1129 :mad:

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Most likely, you aren't going to get 1129 out of a 1066 set. The ones we validate at higher speeds are sold as our PC9136 aka 1142mhz set. And, the PSC ICs typically don't resond to any more than about 2.2V max. They get hotter but not any faster.


If you have to compromise, keep the FSB at 470 and run the slower memory setting. It will be a small bandwidth difference but, keeping the FSB up will offset this.

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Most likely, you aren't going to get 1129 out of a 1066 set.


I agree.


I know there's a big OC difference between the 2GB and 1GB modules


With 1024MB sticks, you could well find 1129, but it would be a very hit and miss with the 2048MB sticks. But you already know this. Setting such high latencies to gain a few MHz is rather useless though at any rate. You lose more than you gain, by far...

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