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Tr3x6g1333c9 & ga-ex58-ud5


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Hello there peeps,


Just got started on this new system, and already starting to fall on some issues.


each ram module work fine, what is annoying me though when it's posting, it doesn't tell me if it' running in 3 channel. I have read the manual of the board and I did follow the slots it wants for triple channel.


Funny enough, I tried with two modules to see if it would tell me that it's running on dual channel, but no info of the sort comes up. Just tests memory - ok and moves on to the drives.


Anyway, now inside the bios i'm getting quite lost in there as I'm not much of a curious person, as I like to keep everything stock. I did however want to know what timings the board was giving my ram = 8-8-8-20.


Looks like I'm experiencing an old problem I used to have with my previous system. I had two different sets of Dominators - each set a different ver, one was 1.1 the other 2.1 - when the 4 gig of 1.1 was put on the motherboard it would give me wierd timings. When the 2.1 was put on the motherboard it would give me the exact timings it needed without me changing a thing. I obviously kept the 2.1 set and sold the 1.1 set.


I can't help but think that if I was to get a newer ver of the current ram I got, the mobo would pick the timings on it's own.


Anyway i'm stuck on this one, when I try to install Vista Ultimate it hangs just before the setup, I just have a nice pretty Vista Background. And it will just stay there.


Again I remember with my old system when the 1.1 set was in, it would do the same to my windows install, put the 2.1 set and everything was fine and dandy :D


I've been looking around and found nothing, thought it might be time to start a convo here and get things moving regarding the motherboard and also this ram :)


I'm also surprise to see that the Gigabyte site hasn't put any Corsair Modules in their Memory Support List.


Though corsair has Corsair Memory Finder


Thanks for the help guys, Im opened to suggestions.



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Anyway i'm stuck on this one, when I try to install Vista Ultimate it hangs just before the setup, I just have a nice pretty Vista Background. And it will just stay there.


Try the install with just one module and then after you get all of the updates and Service Pack one install all of the modules.

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Alright, I've updated the SPECS on my profile.


I was able to instal Vista, and run two instances of memtest over night, they both got 400% with 0 errors when I woke up.


Decided that it was running fine, installed the rest of my hardware in. Moved it back into position and fired it up.


To my surprise, it restarts at post. Won't get passed the memorytest.

It will restart a couple of times and then it will go through and load windows fine.

Do a shutdown, tunr it on, same process until it goes through fine.


I didn't change any settings in the bios, still running stock.

:[pouts: ugh so much effort to get it the way I want it. I bet you guys are going to tell me to start unpugging things lol.


I did however find something wierd with the mobo. With the GA-EX58 we have 10 sata ports, which I thought would work as normal sata ports. I narrowed it down to the 2nd sata chip of the board (assuming), in this case the white sata ports http://img123.imageshack.us/img123/298/pb250008ct4.th.jpg


I originally left the two bottom white ports free for future drives, but when booting up only one of the white ports would pick up the drive. I tested each white port individually, they all work fine. But when I put two connection right next to each other wether it's the 1st row or 2nd row, only one of these ports will work.


So in the end I put 1 sata connection to each row so I could see all my drives. So far thats the only problems i've come across.


The timmings for the Ram is still 8-8-8-20.


I'll keep at it and keep checking the thread if anyone has some suggestions.






here is the full setup: http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/9830/pb250009rl8.th.jpg

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I unplugged the external Harddrives I have from the comp, and it stopped restarting on it's own. Very very wierd. Did a couple of boots with them on and off, and indeed they are the source of the restarting issue. Though I do recall having the same problem with my previous system. But when I had the newer ver of Ram set in, it didn't have a cry.


I went into the bios and disabled the USB Storage Function which determines whether to dectect USB stoage devices, including USB flash drives and USB hard drives during the POST.


That did the trick. I'm going to do some further testing and see how the system holds now. I'm still a bit iffy about the timings for the RAM.



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