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Dominator Fan CMXAF1 getting increasingly louder


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I've purchased a TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF with Dominator Fan kit on 15th Oct 2008.


The Ram modules are working fine,


however the fan unit has been increasingly getting louder ever since first operation.


  • The sound produced sounds like a loose ball bearing
  • The noise seems to be coming from 2 of the 3 fans.
  • This is tested by pushing the fans individually which the noise goes away. (By pushing I slowly reduce the RPM which eliminates the noise;Noise seem to produced by High RPM of fans)


As of today, the fans produce an annoying sound which is audible through the other 4x120mm fans at 1600RPM around my case (which produces quite alot of noise).


My question is, if this is indeed abnormal for the dominator fan, would it be covered by warranty?


If I do get a RMA, do I have to send back the entire Ram kit including the ram modules which are working fine?


Thank you.

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My Dominator Airflow fan which came with my DDR2 Memory kit had started acting up again and this time the sound is getting unfortunately very unbearable.


The sound comes and goes as it pleases, but I can guarantee it has been there for most part of the time since installation.


I hope Corsair can help me out as I'm starting to get sleepless nights!


Thank you for your consideration.

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Thanks for the speedy reply,


Its the same fan.


I chose not to RMA the other time because I was afraid Corsair couldn't replicate the sound as it was rather intermittent and would not exchange it for me.


However, the buzzing sound has been actively noisy lately, last time the noise would come and go in between hours and was somewhat bearable. Now the noise just stays on for around 16 out of 24hrs before going off then coming back at some random time for long periods.


Thus, observing for a couple of weeks now, I'm 100% sure the buzzing sound is a permanent feature of the fan. Doubt its a dust issue because I dusted it when I moved over to a new case.


I would really like to RMA but as again, I just hope Corsair would be able to test the unit long enough because the noise do come on at random times but once the noise starts, it would be there for very long periods.

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