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2 x TWIN3X2048-1333C9DHX question


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I bought today second set of TWIN3X2048-1333C9DHX, installed it and it's ok, really nice memory which even does not hurt my overclock and is running at 1333 with 4 sticks normally.


But there is one problem with mobo - with default voltage settings sometimes mobo will not post and give me long beep which normally means that ram is not seated properly, but it's not the case - this disappears with nb 1.4 and vdimm 1.7.


Memtest is always ok with this nice memory even with low voltage, only that annoying beep and no post sometimes.


Any tip what other settings could help - to have low voltage (dimm = 1.5 and nb = 1.3?), maybe some advanced settings, because this has to be something about bios init.

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this disappears with nb 1.4 and vdimm 1.7


The issue disappears with 1.4nb and 1.7vdimm? You've got a Nvidia chipset and they can be wonky. If you have it working, then I would be happy. Certainly the DRAM and Northbridge voltage at 1.4/1.7 are not high at any rate.

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