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Problem with one TWIN2X4096-6400C5 module


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I just purchased the TWIN2X4096-6400C5 pack to replace my old RAM (twin Corsair ValueSelect VS1GB667D2).


I put in both RAM sticks in matching dual channel slots, and my system just gives me one long beep that repeats about every 5 seconds. A quick search reveals this is a RAM issue. So, I try re-seating them. No luck. Tried moving them into different slots, and my system booted to Windows once, stayed there for about 10 seconds, and rebooted to the beeping.


I removed one of the RAM sticks (we'll label it B) and left the other in (we'll label this one A). With A and only A in, my system boots fine with no problems. With B and only B in, my system will not boot at all (more beeping).


I read the forms and followed the advice of loading optimized defaults in BIOS, and upping the voltage to the RAM +0.1V, to 1.9V. No luck with B, A still works perfectly. Running Memtest right now on A, and no errors so far. Cannot load system with B in to run Memtest on it.


Any suggestions? Did I just get a bad module?

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