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Wanted to say "Thank you!" and ask a question


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I've been using and selling Corsair RAM to customers for over seven years. I've been very impressed with Corsair's reliability and service and have continued using and recommending Corsair RAM to all my customers. I've only experienced 3 failures (one back on November 4th) out of 609 sets of Corsair RAM; according to my component tracking and reliability spreadsheet. Near perfect record and a great compliment to the quality RAM products you all produce. Kudos!


Anyways, back on Nov 4th, I had a set of 2GB (2 x 1GB) TWINX2048-8888C4D fail on me. Called-up technical support and the polite representative walked me through the 'new to me' RMA process since I hadn't had to RMA any Corsair products since early 2005. Procedure was quick, painless and e-mail notifications of each step of the process arrived quickly. Sent off the RAM on Nov 5th and you all received it Nov 6th at which time I also received an e-mail notification saying you all had received the parts.


One of the RMA e-mails stated that the parts would be processed within 3 to 5 days. Under optimal conditions that would be true but seeing as how things can get back-logged, and I am a very patient person, I gave it a few days more before checking the status.


I hadn't heard anything back by today, and since I wanted to get the computer back-up and running before Thanksgiving, I gave customer service a call. The very polite lady who answered the phone informed me that Corsair is no longer producing that model of RAM yet there were options available to me. Much to my surprise she offered a set of TWIN2X4096-8500C5DS as a replacement to what I originally had. Naturally, I accepted the offer and she said the set would be shipped-out today and I would receive it before Thanksgiving. As long as the RAM arrives by Wednesday the 26th then I will be a very happy camper indeed and so will my niece who will be playing on the system and kicking my posterior in CoD4. :p:


Anyways, on to the question I have...


I've searched all over the net and Corsair's site but haven't had any luck finding information regarding the TWIN2X4096-8500C5DS I will be receiving. Could you all point me in the right direction for information about these modules?


Again, thanks for all the reliable products you produce. Certainly makes my job easier and customers - including myself - very happy. :)

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