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2xTWIN2X2048-8500C5D Causing BSOD in my system


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I've been having random system lockups and BSOD for a month or so now, and I think I've identified the problem as the RAM. At one point the windows memory checker identified a problem with this RAM, but that check hasn't been run again. However, when I swapped out the 4GB of Corsair RAM for a 2GB kingston stick, it has worked fine.


As far as settings in the BIOS I reset them all to stock setting since I'd been having issues. When I attempt to put the 4GB back in, the computer will post but windows will not start, leaving me with a black screen.


2 questions:


1. I have two matched pairs, could mis-matching them possible cause this?

2. Should I get started on an RMA at this point?


I'm quite frustrated and don't want to spend a lot more time in diagnosis, and I have a working computer right now but Vista kinda sucks with just 2GB. Advice appreciated.

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I would recommend reading this article which may help explain some limitations of running with four modules in any motherboard.


To find out if you have a failing memory module you will want to test each module one at a time in the slot closest to the CPU with http://www.memtest.org, and make sure you have the memory settings manually configured with the following:


First, Load Setup/Optimized Defaults

Memory Voltage: 2.1v

SLI Ready: Disabled

FSB Memory Clock Mode: Unlinked

FSB QDR MHz: Default/Auto

MEM DDR MHz: 1066MHz

TCL: 5


TRP: 5

TRAS: 15

Command Per Clock: 2T


Here are some detailed Memtest instructions just in case you need them:




1. Go to http://www.memtest.org and click on the "Download (Pre-built & ISOs)" link near the top of the page. This will take you further down the page to the download section.


2. The most common way to run Memtest is to burn it to a CD/DVD and boot the system from the disc, so you will want to click on the "Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip)" link. Make sure you are downloading the most up to date version of Memtest; the most current version will normally be listed first underneath a header with red text.


3. Once you have downloaded the .zip file you will need to extract the file inside. The easiest way to do this is to simply double-click the file you just downloaded, and then drag the file that you find inside to your desktop. The file you downloaded and the file you extract have very similar names, so try to make sure you know which is which. Once you have extracted the file that you need, please delete the .zip file which you originally downloaded, so you do not get the 2 files confused.


If you do not know which file is which, then you can right click each file and select "Properties" to view its file size. the file you are going to use will be larger than the .zip file, so you can delete the smaller file..


4. So now you have your .iso file and you are ready to make your Memtest disc. You will need to have some CD/DVD burning software installed such as Nero or Roxio, although there are many others which will work fine as well. You can not burn this correctly using the built in Windows burning utility. The easiest way to properly burn the disc is to right click the .iso file, select the "open with" option and then locate and select the CD/DVD burning software that you are going to use. When opening the file this way all proper settings should be automatically set, so just make sure you have a blank disc in your drive and click "Burn."


If you have trouble burning the disc this way then you will need to open your CD/DVD burning program and find the option that says "Burn Image to Disk", or "Burn Backup from .ISO file." Once you have selected the correct way to burn the disc, locate the Memtest .iso file on your desktop and either drag it into your programs burn window, or locate it using the built in browser in your program, and then click “Burn.”


5. Once you have successfully burned your Memtest disc, its time to run it. You will need to make sure that your BIOS has been setup to boot from your CD/DVD rom before your Hard Disk. Once you reboot your system you may need to "Hit any key to boot from CD/DVD" so keep your eyes peeled and hit a key when it requests it.


6. If everything was done right, then you should see a blue screen with a lot of numbers and progress bars. At the top right you will see a "Pass %" and a "Test %." The Pass % tells you how far you are from making one complete pass through Memtest. The Test % tells you how far you are from completing the current test. There are 8 different tests, and once you make a full pass, Memtest will automatically loop back to the first test and start over. If you see the Pass % is over 100% then you have already made a full pass.


If a single module fails and the others pass, then I would suspect you have a failing memory module. If all the modules fail, or all the modules pass, when testing individually then I would suspect some other issue.


If it looks like you have a failing memory module, then please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace them. Be sure to check the box that says “I've already spoken to Technical Support and/or RAM Guy.”

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