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My new system setup help


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Hi peeps


I've just recieved my components for my new gaming pc and am gonna go about building it tomorrow.

Few question if people could help me :):


-As i have 4870x2 GPU , 4GB RAM and my processor is 3.33 at stock speed do i need to overclock my CPU to 4GB to achieve 1:1 ratio ?? I was told this by someone bit not exactly sure what it all means, was told that need to do this so there will be no bottleneck in the system - is all this correct

-What timming settings should i be using with my RAM ???


Any help would be greatly appreciated, i'm currently reading all the links about overclocking so thank you DerekT for those :cool:


Also have read through many different guides for overclocking , they all seem to name different applications for testing the system eg. heats, stress tests, memory, etc.

Could somebody please let me know what are the latest applications to use to test my system

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Download memtest from--->

and extract the ISO image. Burn the ISO image to an CD-ROM disk.

Download CPU-z from

Enter your BIOS, Load Setup Defaults, Save Setup Defaults and set to these values:

AI Overclock Tweaker

Configure System Performance Settings

Ai Overclock Tuner = Manual
CPU Ratio Setting = 9.5
FSB Frequency = 333
PCI-E Frequency = 100
FSB Strap to Northbridge = 333
DRAM Frequency = Manual
DRAM CLK Skew on Channel A1 = Auto
DRAM CLK Skew on Channel A2 = Auto
DRAM CLK Skew on Channel B1 = Auto
DRAM CLK Skew on Channel B2 = Auto

DRAM Timing Control = Manual
DRAM Frequency = DDR2-1066
DRAM Command Rate = 2N
DRAM Timing Control = Manual
CAS# Latency =  5
RAS# to CAS# Delay = 5
RAS# PRE Time = 5
RAS# ACT Time = 15
Row Refresh Cycle Time (tRFC) = 55 
All Else to Auto

DRAM Static Read Control = Auto
DRAM Read Training = Auto
Mem. OC Charger = Auto
AI Transaction Booster = Auto

CPU Voltage = Auto
CPU PLL Voltage = Auto
FSB Termination Voltage = Auto
DRAM Voltage = 2.1v
NB Voltage = 1.30v
SB Voltage = Auto
PCI-E SATA Voltage = Auto

Loadline Calibration = Auto
CPU Spread Spectrum = Disabled
PCIE Spread Spectrum = Disabled

Clock Over-Charging Voltage = Auto
Load Line Calibration = Auto
CPU GTL Voltage Reference = Auto
NB GTL Voltage Reference = Auto

Memory Remap - Enabled

Legacy USB = Disabled (For Memtest, Enabled After Memtest)


Run Memtest for two full passes. When assured of stable DRAM, then enter Windows and Run CPU-z and post screenshots of CPU-z's CPU, Memory and SPD tabs. Run your system for a few weeks at these hardware settings and then post back to setup an overclock.


To be certain of both CPU and Memory in Windows, use the Intel Linpack CPU/Memory test.


Download Realtemp from Here Run Linpack for full memory (1) and use a 5 pass iteration. Run Real Temp and watch the temperatures. Let the Linpack program run for the full 5 passes. The output in the screen will give you five sets of values. They should be identical for a stable CPU and DRAM.


Be sure to turn off your screensavers, display settings that turn the monitor off for this test.

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It's all good. Corsair Rocks :laughing:

Couldnt agree more :biggrin: Great products, and really helpfull people on the forums :cool:

Few questions if you dont mind, should i update bios on mobo before start installing everything. Also got them fans with RAM, should i use them or will fans with the case be enough.

Sorry for asking these questions now but as time difference between London and all you peeps in USA might have to wait half day before get some help tomorrow :D:

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Few questions if you dont mind, should i update bios on mobo before start installing everything. Also got them fans with RAM, should i use them or will fans with the case be enough.


I personally update the BIOS before any real system work. I also do not use the DRAM fans as I like my system as quiet as possible and these DRAM IC's run nice and cool. You will be fine without them.

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Ok have done the build, all seems to have gone well (touch wood).

Done those test, memory came back all good. Intel burn one came back 100% and top cpu temp was 45C - i take it thats all good.

Is there any way to test GPU ???


Thanks for all your help ;):

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Do you have another GPU to insert in place?

Yeap i've just done that, still nothing so know its not gpu. Its strange as reset button on mobo works but switch off doesnt . Wonder if its mobo as everything is working(fans), what else could it be ??

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Perform a hard reset to clear any BIOS stack corruption issues.

  1. Shut the system down
  2. Remove the power cord
  3. Remove the CMOS Battery
  4. Set the CMOS_CLR Jumper to On
  5. Press the power button for 10 seconds
  6. Let sit for 10 minutes
  7. Set the CMOS_CLR Jumper to Off
  8. Insert the CMOS Battery
  9. Insert the Power Cord
  10. Restart the system
  11. Enter the BIOS
  12. Load Default Settings
  13. Save Default Settings and Exit
  14. Restart the System

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I get nothing except on the screen except no signal, when i unplug connection to monitor it says connection lost. So guess its not GPU, have not had any luck of any bios or signal come up.Have also tried different ram stick but no luck, will def try what you said derek...thanks for your help
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Nah that didnt do it, i guess it must be CPU or mobo. Should i RMA both of them and ask to send whichever is not faulty back with replaced one. Or could it be something else :confused:


I would say that the board is at issue. CPU returns are so very seldom.

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LOL - Of couse you MUST overclock that system.


Don't use Core Temp. Use Realtemp. Core Temp still does not set 45nm correctly. I find that 65C is high enough personally. I never reach that temperature under normal use, but with Linpack I get to this value. With Prime95 I get to ~58C.


Couldnt help myself and have started of littlebit of OC :D:

Using realtemp and coretemp but they giving me different temps :roll:


what is max safe temp for my cpu on air ??


thank you MR D :cool:

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