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how to: tRD of 5 with 2x2GB modules!?


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i am trying to run my just arrived/RMAed TWIN2X4096-8500C5D at the lowest possible tRD/performance level. i dont mind operating at 1:1 divider as long as my E8600 is running at 10x400Mhz on the P5Q Deluxe.


What have i tried:

disable CPU and PCIe spread spectrum

CPU voltage up to 1,45

NB voltage to 1.60/1.50/1.45/1.40 all to no avail

Memory voltage to 2.1v


the system can run stable at CAS 4 performance level 8 :[pouts: DDR2 840Mhz, but i can not even boot at DDR2 800Mhz CAS 5 performance level 7


Should i:

A-try to "pull phases"? Which ones?

B-go for higher voltages? which ones?

C- try to loosen other memory timings- i wouldnt mind running CAS6, if i could reach a tRD of 5 with 400Mhz FSB.


For anyone interested in WHY go for lower tRDs i recommend reading


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just finished the first day of tweakings. It was surprisingly easy to find the optimal FSB for the processor: my E8600 could do 10x404Mhz with 1.1v:D:


but tRD of 8 or lower was only possible at the 5:6 divider of the 333MHz strap and 3:4 divider on the 400Mhz strap. The latter was way more stable, and in the end i could even pull all phases in for an effective tRD of 6. The Everest results of 56ns for memory latency are what i would expect for a tRD of 6, but it required 1.36v on the NB:(:


working with this memory kit was a mixed blessing:roll:


A- It worked with AUTO timings at 1.86v, and reached 1077MHz WITHOUT the Dominator fan.

B-It simply refused to operate at CAS 4 above 799MHz, and stability between 800MHz and 1066MHz is feeble to say the least - i wasnt able to complete a single Orthos pass with tRd of 8 or lower at any other divider - this kit is really optimized for 1066Mhz operation:cool:



I dont know how to generate the complete BIOS dump that i see on post here, but my main points were:

STRAP 400Mhz

Memory Frequency 1066Mhz

Memory Timings auto

Memory read training DISABLED




CPUv 1.15

NBv 1.36

DDRv 1.86


all other voltages were set to minimum, DONT LEAVE VOLTAGES AT AUTO- THE BIOS WILL OVERVOLT THE SYSTEM:eek:


Oh!: And the golden score of tRD 5:confused: Well the best i could hope for was using the 3:4 divider and NBv of a measly 1.58v- i was able to boot, enter Windows, run memset and see tRD of 6 (no phases was pulled in), before the system overheated and crashed:mad:


Even so i believe that there is a market niche for the 1100Mhz, 1150Mhz and 1200Mhz memory kits, since my E8600 CAN achieve 10x450Mhz IF i put 1.40v :evil:, but i didnt even tried to make that a 24x7 setting since the only memory setting that could be tRD 7 stable was already above the specs of the Kit.


My 8500C5D achieved above specs frequencies-1077Mhz - with 1.86v:D:

too BAD i couldnt find a sweetspot for 1:1 divider or CAS 4 operation, not to mention my fabled tRD 5:roll:

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When you move to DDR3 you will be pleasantly surprised.


Well the tRD rules aply for your system as well, just notice the last picture on



45,5ns of latency, 450Mhz FSB, 3:2 divider- they achieved a better latency on a LOWER FSB and LOWER memory speed:bigeyes:


Maybe DDR3 1333MHz tRD 6 is faster/cooler than DDR3 1600 tRD 8?


Maybe you could enlight us on the subject of tRD manipulation on DDR3 MOBOs.


You should get amazing numbers with tRD 7 or 6, just remember to increase the NB voltage.

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